Nutritional Facts Panel Labels

How to Make Your Own Nutrition Labels

Meeting FDA regulations for nutrition panels on food labels can be an intimidating task.

There are font restrictions, mandatory statements, allergen alerts and difficult calculations for daily values. As a food manufacturer, you want to spend your energy on your recipes, production, branding and sales – not on interpreting FDA labeling mandates.

But it is absolutely necessary to adhere to FDA regulations to avoid recalls and present your customer with the quality and transparency in packaging required.

The good news is finding a solution to making your own nutrition labels is easier than ever before. ReciPal; an affordable, compliant and easy-to-use cloud-based label creation software has made it effortless to create compliant nutrition facts panels.

With ReciPal and the Kiaro! color label printer working together, you’ll have the ability to quickly design and print accurate, informative and attractive labels on your foods, beverages and dietary supplements.

Food Labeling Compliance Overview

The list of regulations for food, beverage and dietary supplement labeling compliance is long, and there are a number of rules for nutrition panels that must be on all food products.

Information Panel Requirements

For example, according to the FDA, The Information Panel is “the label panel immediately to the right of the PDP (Primary Display Panel), as displayed to the consumer.”

The info panel must include:

  • Name and address of manufacturer
  • Ingredient List
  • Nutrition Labeling (including % daily values, and amount per serving)
  • Any required allergy labeling

How ReciPal Works

ReciPal will take the recipe information you input and automatically calculate daily values, serving sizes, ingredient lists – all in complete compliance with FDA labeling format mandates.

It then exports your completed info panels into highly-compatible PDF files you can import into your design software and quickly print with the Kiaro! inkjet label printer.

The Kiaro! Inkjet Label Printer & Compliance

The Kiaro! label printer has the capability to print your food labels in astounding 1200 dpi resolution to ensure the intricate details and small text sizes on your nutrition labels are perfectly printed every time.

With the Kiaro! label printer and ReciPal food labeling software you’ll always have completely compliant nutrition labels regardless of your recipe or production demand.

See for Yourself!

Schedule an in-person demonstration with a Kiaro! label printer and save $500 towards your purchase. During the demo, you will see your artwork in production and see how great your labels can look!