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Custom QuickLabel®

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Design & Print Your Own Labels with QuickLabel Printers

Custom QuickLabel software is the native label software for color label printers and barcode label printers from QuickLabel Systems. Use Custom QuickLabel Create to layout your label design and add barcodes and variable fields to your label format. Then, use its advanced print management features to print and manage all of your label print jobs in advance.


Design Your Own Labels:

Intuitive tools allow you to import logos, photos, and other graphics into the Custom QuickLabel workspace. It’s easy to export graphics from Adobe Photoshop® or Illustrator® in one of the supported graphic file types. You can easily move around your graphic elements, add text, auto shapes, and barcodes.

Make Labels in Fancy Shapes:

A QuickLabel printer allows you to print on pre-die cut labels, so you can print custom label shapes in ovals, circles, trapezoids, and other special label shapes. How can you make sure that your graphics, text, and other label content line up to print on the label shape? You can use Custom QuickLabel software to create label formats that fit your exact label shape and size.

Create Label Templates:

Once you’ve created a label layout with your logo, graphics, ingredients, nutrition facts panel, or any other information, you can save your label as a template. This is an easy way to create a new label based on your existing design, because you can re-use some common design elements such as your company logo and address, as well as printer settings and media type setting.

Creating a label template also prevents your original label design from being over-written by accidental edits, and ensures that you’ll always be able to re-print the identical label in the future.

Print Variable Information Labels:

Create labels with variable fields that directly connect to your database. When you print labels, the variable fields automatically populate with data and your labels print with information from your database.

Manage Multiple Label Print Jobs:

You can choose much more than how many labels you’d like to print. The Custom QuickLabel Print Manager lets you build “queues” of multiple label print jobs, and allows you to alternate printing different labels, or printing different label formats, with its advanced label printing manager.

Generate Barcodes, Including Serialized Barcodes:

If you’re using a “barcode font” or creating barcodes by copy-and-pasting them in a graphic design program, Custom QuickLabel will allow you to move up to generating scannable barcodes and printing them on your label. Custom QuickLabel software is especially important for printing product labels that require serializing barcodes to track units, doses, or customer shipments.

Automatically Calculate Variable Fields:

This labeling software also performs basic calculations on variable fields, such as automatically calculating and printing a label with a “best before date” based on the production date.

Print-Only Option & Prompted Fields:

Custom QuickLabel software gives you the ability to edit labels in the office, while its Print-Only module allows operators on the production floor to pull up read-only access to the labels. Labels can also be partially locked (via label template), with only prompted fields available so that production operator can key in information each time a label is printed. This protects the label against accidental edits, and allows production staff to input batch data.

  • Ability to lock files so that only those with editing rights can modify labels
  • Ability to pull up the label database on the production floor. Operators have read-only access, and can only print information they input such as production date.